Frequently Asked Questions

Need a Code?
FOR A GIFTED CODE (to download the book)
If you want to download The Golden Key for free, but haven’t been gifted a (Golden) Key Code, you can text Brandon at 310.564.0750 to get one. However, if you have been gifted one, to keep The Golden Game going and the abundance flowing properly it is important to use the Code that was originally gifted to you!

FOR A GIFTING CODE (to gift the book to others and share the abundance)
After you download the book, play the Golden Game, or purchase any other Golden Goodies from our store, you will be prompted to register for our affiliate program to get your own unique (Golden) Key Code. Once registered, you can start sharing your Code immediately to gift the book to others, as well as share 50% of the wealth that is generated from anyone you share your personal Code with who plays the Golden Game or purchases any other Golden Goodies. You can also go here to register.

*Important to Note:
You cannot use your own Code to download the book for free. It won’t work. The game was designed so that you are required to input a (Golden) Key Code that someone else has gifted to you so that everyone can experience sharing the keys to abundance!

What is the difference between a key maker and key master?
A key maker is someone who is curiously exploring and learning the 8 keys within the book. You become a key maker simply by receiving and reading the book. A key master is a modern alchemist that proactively unlocks and manifests abundance in all its many forms in their life by playing the Golden Game. Most key master‘s also create their own unique (Golden) Key Code so they can gift the Golden Key to others, and also share 50% of the wealth that it creates.
How do I download the audio or e-book as a free gift?

Use the (Golden) Key Code that was gifted to you. You will be prompted to input it during check out.

Can I also get a free hard copy of the book with my (Golden) Key Code?
No, only the audio or e-book. However, you can order the paperback version of the book for $11.11 here on Amazon, and it will be shipped on March 11, 2021.
Can I download the audio or e-book without using a (Golden) Key Code?

Yes, but it will cost $11.11. In order to receive the book as a free gift, you must use a (Golden) Key Code.

I was not gifted a (Golden) Key Code. How do I get one?

Text Brandon at 310.564.0750 and he will send you a code. ONLY do this if you have not received a code from someone else.

How do I create a personal (Golden) Key Code to gift to others?
After you download the book, play the Golden Game, or purchase any other Golden Goodies from our store, you will be prompted to register for our affiliate program. Once registered, your code becomes active immediately, meaning others can use it at check-out. Alternatively, go here to register.
My friend gifted me a code, and I have a code from Brandon. Does it matter which one I use?
Yes! Use your friend’s (Golden) Key Code. Inputting their code is key to help us keep The Golden Game on track and keep the abundance flowing properly.
Why should I give people my personal (Golden) Key Code?
You can gift the audio and e-book to others by telling them to use your (Golden) Key Code at check-out. If they decide to play The Golden Game, or purchase any other Golden Goodies from our shop, you will receive 50% of the revenue generated from their payment.
Can I use my own personal (Golden) Key Code at check-out?
No, it will not work. You must input a (Golden) Key Code that someone else has gifted to you. The idea is that everyone gets to experience sharing the keys to abundance with each other!
How does The Golden Game work?

First, make a monetary contribution of your choice, setting the co-creative intention that it will act as a seed that will sprout and multiply into greater abundance for you within the next 88 days. Next, document your manifestation desires, being as specific or as general as feels right to you. Then, participate in the Rich-U-All Action Plan over at least the next 88 days. Bask in the frequency of the abundance that you are drumming up, and notice the abundance in all its many forms that flows into your life. Be sure to come back to goldenkey.gift to share your inspiring results with allLOVEus!

What is the Rich-U-All Action Plan?
It is a collective abundance ritual (Rich-U-All) to help you tap into your manifestation powers. It consists of 3 simple, yet powerful exercises to be performed daily over at least 88 days. The exercises are designed to raise your vibration, helping you to tap into the infinite abundance that is your birthright. The exercises are explained in more detail in the last section of the book and here.
Can I play the Game before reading the book?
Yes, but it is recommended that you read the book as a first step. It can be read or listened to in just a few hours (the audio book is about three hours long). However, if you are eager to begin playing the game, you can begin playing while simultaneously reading, since the game entails simple exercises you will participate in over at least 88 days. Reading the book will help you to gain vibrational momentum as you come to innerstand the 8 keys shared within, which will certainly help solidify your success manifesting abundance via the Golden Game!
Why are you offering the audio and e-book as a free gift?

Maharishi, the father of Transcendental Meditation, predicted it would only take one percent of the population expanding their consciousness by incorporating mindfulness to greatly impact the rest of the population. Author Malcolm Gladwell also suggested in his book The Tipping Point that when an unshakeable belief is held by ten percent of the population, this would be the critical mass necessary for an idea to “spread like wildfire” and shift the collective. I wholeheartedly believe that if a critical mass of humans can innerstand and integrate these 8 keys to abundance, which includes the Golden Key, the master key that ultimately links them all together, we can quickly tip the scales of fate in favor of us stepping into a timeline where Earth blossoms into the overly abundant planet of paradise she is destined to become.

Why are you sharing 50% of the wealth?

Because I am selfish—the good kind of selfish, that is! Since we are all extensions of the one source consciousness (i.e. all is one), I know if I generously share the monetary abundance with you that’s created from the offerings on this website, then even more abundance will naturally flow back to me. Which is why I like to say, we get what we give, and then some!

So this website is designed as a playful and inclusive way for me to practice what I preach and for us to collectively “share the keys to abundance” in several ways. First, readers will receive the book as a free gift by using someone else’s (Golden) Key Code–Second, they will have an opportunity to create their own (Golden) Key Code so that they may gift the book to others who they believe will benefit from it as well– Third, everyone is invited to play the abundance manifestation game (The Golden Game), and I’m going to be sharing 50% of the monetary currency that flows into the game with all the players (you may opt to donate your proceeds to Charity: Water if you prefer), as well as from the sales of our other Golden Goodies on this site!

*The only time I am not sharing 50% of the wealth is if someone is using my personal (Golden) Key Code, since I am the referrer in this instance.

How do I receive my (Golden) Key Code affiliate commission payments?

When you create your (Golden) Key Code, you register with an email/login password. You can login to your affiliate account anytime here: https://www.refersion.com/affiliate/login to track all your commissions owed, as well as what you have been previously paid out. Initially, you will need to login to your account to choose and link your preferred payout method. You can request to receive your payouts via PayPal, Bank ACH Direct Deposit, or via a Gift Card. We automatically process payouts once a month for any affiliates who have earned over $18.88 commissions in the previous month.

My (Golden) Key Code doesn't appear to be working during checkout!
(Golden) Key Codes only work if the e-book or audiobook is added to the cart to be received for free during checkout. So if someone that you gave your Code to tries to just purchase the Golden Key necklace, play the Golden Game, get the “Key to Everything” fine art print, or sign up for the monthly Zoom Key Conversations, the Code won’t work at checkout unless the audio or e-book is also included in their cart. Which is why we always tell people via a popup message if they are ever trying to checkout without the audio or e-book in their cart to please add the free book to their cart for tracking purposes and to keep the abundance flowing properly. Also keep in mind, if someone has ever used your Code for the audio or e-book in the past, it will still give you credit for any purchase they make if they come back and purchase any of the other Golden Goodies on the website at any point in the future, even if they don’t add their audio or e-book into their cart on their second checkout. Essentially, they just need to get the book one time at some point with your (Golden) Key Code, and everything they purchase from then on out going forward will always be attributed to you.
What's the refund policy?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds at this time.

Do I need to register for the Zoom Key Conversation each month?

No, you will be auto registered for each Key Conversation golden gathering and receive the Zoom login credentials via email each month.

What if I miss a monthly Zoom Key Conversation?

A recording of our golden Zoom gathering will be emailed to everyone afterwards, so you can still watch it even if you don’t make it one month.

How do I cancel my monthly Zoom Key Conversations subscription?

When you sign up, you will be emailed a link where you can login to manage your subscription. You can cancel it at any time.

Do I receive 50% of the purchase price for all products?

In some cases yes, and in others no. You will receive 50% of the net amount for any purchases made by anyone who uses your (Golden) Key Code, minus any product or service costs we incur. For example, since the necklace has a definitive product cost, you will only receive 50% of the net amount earned after we subtract our costs associated with the necklace. However, for the Golden Game, since there is no product cost, you would receive 50% of the purchase price spent by anyone who uses your Code. Also keep in mind, since the audio and e-book are free on goldenkey.gift when someone uses your Code, you will not earn commission on either of these free downloads. Also, if someone opts to purchase a physical book or download via another platform such as Amazon, this is not trackable or commissionable. Lastly, if you prefer to do so, you will have the option to donate your earnings to Charity: Water where 100% of it goes towards building wells in rural areas for people who don’t have clean drinking water.