The Golden Game

Care to play a game… with the youniverse?

Now is the time to unlock the abundance that is your birthright! Tap into the ONEderFULL vibration of celebration, because abundance is not only your natural state, but also the birthright you are being beckoned to re-member.

I invite you to claim your abundance by playing this Golden Game, which will entail you adopting a ritual of abundance generating exercises, performed for just a few minutes each day. The game and exercises are intended to yield powerful results for you over a relatively short period of time, sometime within the next 88 days, so that you get excited, inspired and accustomed to playing in this way for the rest of your life!

If you are ready to attract more abundance into your life, you are ready to play the game and become a key master.

Before You Begin
If you haven’t already read The Golden Key, you still may begin playing, but it is recommended that you read the book as a first step. It can be read or listened to in just a few hours (the audio book is about three hours long). However, if you are eager to begin playing the game, you can begin playing while simultaneously reading, since the game entails simple exercises you will participate in over at least 88 days. Reading the book will help you to gain vibrational momentum as you come to innerstand the 8 keys shared within, which will certainly help solidify your success manifesting abundance via the Golden Game!

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Ready to begin playing?

Make a monetary contribution in the amount of your choice

Here We Grow…

Document your manifestation desires and do the Rich-U-All Action Plan

Let the Currency Flow

Bask in the frequency of abundance that you are drumming up!

If you had to quantify it, what is the monetary value of this book to you? What do you feel is the honest value of the Golden Key you now hold in your pocket? And more importantly, how much abundance do you wish to cultivate in your life?

Because, for whatever monetary currency amount you opt to flow into this game, we are going to set the co-creative intention that it will act as a seed that will sprout and multiply into greater abundance for you within the next 88 days.

Don’t just choose a number based on what your brain tells you is a “reasonable” amount. Instead, authentically ask in your heart what currency amount will feel like a mutually rewarding energetic exchange and will feel like a healthy seed to plant.

“It is in giving
that we receive.”

—The Golden Key

Keep in mind the amount is relative—for the vast majority, contributing $50 would be a bigger energetic stretch than the richest man in the world contributing $500,000.

It is less about the exact dollar amount you choose, and more about tapping into a feeling of being intentionally generous with your offering, which is the spark that will catalyze abundance to generously flow back to you!

“You get what you give,
and then some!”

—The Golden Key

This is an opportunity to take action to demonstrate to the youniverse that you are ready to begin your journey toward unlocking infinite abundance, by picking up the First Key—See the Oneness—and turning it in its lock. The separation between us is an illusion. I am you, and you are me. Everything you do, you do to yourself. This is why this counterintuitive approach—giving in order to receive—works, because any amount you give, you are essentially giving to yourself.

So then the question becomes, what do you think you are worth? How much do you feel you deserve and how willing and receptive are you to receive?

Whenever you choose to give more than is required of you in this life, you are consciously choosing to tune into the higher frequency of abundance.

And since reality always mirrors back the vibrations we put out, you will be attracting more abundance into your life by doing so! This is why the famous saying, “You get what you give,” is such a powerful universal truth. I like to say, “You get what you give, and then some!”

Regardless of the amount that you chose, set the intention for your contribution to act as the symbolic marker and catalyst for the amount of abundance you wish to unlock in your life…

Ready to choose your Golden Game contribution amount?

Some of you may find your contribution amount flows back to you threefold, sevenfold, or even tenfold through some unforeseen currency stream. Others of you may attract a new fulfilling relationship, or see major improvements in your health. Still others may find your schedule shifts to allow you more time to focus on doing what you love. There’s really no limit to the varied ways abundance can manifest in your movie.


Once you play the game, you will be guided through several simple yet powerful exercises to help you catalyze these real, tangible results. Abundance can come in a myriad of forms, so be sure to keep your eyes, ears, and heart open, with a sense of healthy expectation and detachment.

“All of the abundance we see in the world
is an extension of ourselves.”

—The Golden Key

I feel it is imperative to let you know that my primary intention with the currency I receive from this game is to use it to bring more consciousness-elevating material and media to the world. And I intend to practice what I preach when I say we should let currency flow when it is attached to an intention that is positive and pure, because I sincerely believe that’s how it comes back to us manyfold.

This is why, when you opt to play the Golden Game, you will also have the opportunity to create your own (Golden) Key Code, which allows you to gift the book to others for free. You will then receive 50% of the revenue generated by anyone who decides to play the game or purchase any other Golden Goods after downloading the book using your (Golden) Key Code.

Helping you to unlock more financial abundance in this way is the good kind of selfish, because if you win, I win. Besides, this isn’t just my information in this book, it’s ours, and I want you to be inspired to share it with the other you’s and me’s out there who really need and are ready to receive it.

This game is meant to be a fun way to cultivate mutual abundance, by spreading the wisdom of these keys and inviting as many people as possible to flow abundant energy into this game with the youniverse. Just as the butterfly spreads pollen between plants, you will be spreading empowering wisdom and seeds of abundance to anyone you choose to share your code with, and the natural byproduct will be more monetary energy and golden experiences for allLOVEus to share.

Indeed it’s true, a rising tide raises all ships.

Ready to choose your Golden Game contribution amount?

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